Our Story

During the 70’s, Mark Snider and his father (Clyatt Snider) begin building his dairy barn. Mark got his passion for the industry from helping milk Brown Swiss cows for Roy Arnold. He would ride his bike to Roy’s and help him milk his herd of cows in exchange for a calf. Later on, he branched out and started helping another dairy farm up the road called Crousedales dairy farm. With the help of his father, Mark completed his small dairy parlor in the 80’s and milked a small herd of 40 Brown Swiss and Holstein cows. He dairy farmed for several years until the beginning of the 90’s. At this point he had decided to get out of the dairy industry. Little did he know that his 3 children would want to be involved with dairy animals one day.


After selling out the dairy cows, the land was divided and Marks younger brother received the land the original dairy parlor was on. Then after having 3 children, Marks middle child Joshua’s interest for dairy animals sparked at a very young age. All Joshua wanted was a baby Holstein dairy calf and at the age of 6 he received just that. Christmas came that year and Joshua finally received the gift the gift he had asked for, a little Holstein heifer calf which he named Annabelle. Joshua cherished every day waking up to feed and play with Annabelle. She was his best friend. Joshua grew up with Annabelle and she was his best friend for many years. Joshua milked Annabelle by hand for a while, until his father bought him a portable milking system. Then he milked her in a small shed behind his parents’ house for several years. He showed Annabelle at the local fairs as well as did numerous 4-H projects on her. Joshua milked Annabelle for several years, until eventually had acquired four milking dairy cows (Annabelle, Elizabeth, Jasmine, and Chloe).

​Little did Mark know that these 4 cows would help bring him back into the dairy industry. In 2011, Marks boys had convinced their dad and uncle to go back into the dairy business. They moved those 4 cows back to Marks brothers land; un-boarded the windows, painted the barns, installed a new milking system, and started milking again. Mid-way through Joshua’s freshmen year of college, Annabelle passed away at the age of 12. Annabelle was the Snider’s inspiration and the founding backbone for restarting the dairy farm. Due to our love for her, our farm has the motto: “Where Every Animal is Treated Like a Pet” because Annabelle was more of a family member to us than a cow. Unfortunately, Mark’s brother stepped away from helping run the dairy and our family invested into a new milking facility which opened up in 2019. Now our girls have made their way back home thanks to a lot of support, hard work, and faith. With faith in God and the hard work of our family we are excited to see the new journeys we will encounter as we continue raising and milking dairy cows. Annabelle’s legacy still remains and the Snider’s continue to keep their cows or “the girls” as they call them, living pampered lives. One thing is for sure that we are dedicated to educating others on dairy farming and the impact it has on your lives.